Sweet Grown Agritourism

From fall fun to u-pick berries and flowers, Alabama agritourism allows you to experience farm life firsthand. Start planning your next trip today!

Must-Visit Farms

Agritourism Spotlights

The Berry Berry Best U-Pick Strawberry Farms

The wait is over! Sweet Grown Alabama u-pick strawberry farms are open and in full-swing. Visit any of these farms to enjoy gorgeous Alabama weather while supporting your local farmer!
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Circles of Colors is a U-Pick Flower Farm for the Community

In the South, we see the same pattern every year around March. People are over the cold rainy days of winter and are eager to welcome spring.
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Sweet Grown Alabama Fall Fun For Everyone

Fall is in the air, and you can find something for every age at a Sweet Grown Alabama agritourism operation near you! Take a piece of Autumn home by picking your ...
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Have a Sweet, Southern Fall with Sweet Grown Alabama Muscadines

Did you know Alabama has its very own native grapes? Muscadines are a beloved treat for southerners each fall. Seasoned muscadine fans have been anxiously awaiting harvest to make their favorite ...
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From Pumpkins to Flower Pickin'

The Bennetts started their journey in agritourism 13 years ago when Jim Bennett, current owner of Bennett Farms, had a vision of building something for future generations to enjoy. This ‘Field ...
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Sweet Grown Alabama U-Pick Blueberry Patches Now Open!

They may be mighty small, but Sweet Grown Alabama blueberries pack a punch not only with fantastic flavors but also with their natural antioxidants and vitamins!
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