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Red Land Cotton

Moulton, Alabama

Situated at the foot of Bankhead National Forest, our farm has been home to the Yeager family for three generations. From the very beginning, it has been where we each, in turn, have learned the value of hard work and the importance of family. And it’s certainly hard work farming our renowned red soil. It indelibly tints everything it touches and turns to thick clay after a good rain. Growing here means being resilient and hearty. It’s true of our crops, and it’s true of our children.


With its roots in the rich, red soil of North Alabama, our bed sheets, bath towels, and other home linens are made with the finest homegrown cotton our farm can produce. We realized long ago that the soil was our greatest asset, so careful thought goes into our farming practices. Our cotton is rain fed, never irrigated, and produced under the most up-to-date and sustainable farming techniques.


Our bed sheets are unlike anything that is currently on the market. Not only are they exclusively a farm-to-home offering, but these linens are heirloom pieces, entitled to the same reverence that bed linens of yesteryear were due. Our bed linens are recreations of the bed linens of our ancestors from almost a century ago.


Our Leighton Bath Collection is made for us in Griffin, GA by one of the only towel manufacturers left in the USA. Our towels are finished with a dobby design created specifically for Red Land Cotton that features classic chevrons and decorative roping.


Our Classic Quilts are filled with 100% cotton batting, just like the heirloom quilts of yesteryear. The cotton batting is grown on our family farm in Alabama and manufactured for us in Waco, Texas. These quilts are lightweight yet warm and substantial — just like they used to be. 

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