Meet Ambassador Baron Philon

Meet Ambassador Baron Philon

Up-and-Coming Alabama Basketball Star Knows Local is a Slam Dunk

Join Sweet Grown Alabama in welcoming Labaron Philon to the 2024 crop of social media ambassadors! Ranked by ESPN the number 30 basketball recruit coming out of high school in 2024, Barron is excited to make an impact for the Alabama Crimson Tide. While a student at Baker High School in Mobile County, he won Alabama’s Mr. Basketball award and was a two-time class 7A Player of the Year. With over 35,000 followers on Instagram, he's also excited to help Sweet Grown Alabama educate a new audience about locally grown products. Read more about Barron in his own words below! 


1. Who is Labaron Philon?

Barron is a student athlete from Mobile, AL. Growing up I loved to play video games, fishing, and of course play basketball.

2. What's the best part of being a University of Alabama athlete? 

The best part of being a UA athlete is that we get free meals after a hard practice and being able to trust the staff and the people around me to feel at home. The teachers are kind and they love to see us reach our highest goal in life.


3. What's your all-time favorite meal? 

My favorite meal of all time will have to be chicken alfredo. I love to get breakfast such as eggs, bacon, pancakes, waffles, French toast and more. Mac and cheese is my go to side!

4. Where's your favorite spot in Alabama? 

My favorite spot to go in Alabama is Foosackly's. Another one is Circle J Dairy because they have great chocolate milk! One of my last places will be Ollie's because they have good chicken Alfredo.


5. If you could only keep one of the following, which would you choose and why? Local steaks, local blueberries or local pecans? 

I will have to go with steak because I will have a good meal every night.


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