Meet Ambassador Katrina Adams

Meet Ambassador Katrina Adams

Get "In the Kitchen with K Marie" this Year as She Highlights Locally Grown Products

The start of 2024 brings along a new class of Sweet Grown Alabama Ambassadors! Join us in welcoming Katrina Adams of "In the Kitchen with K Marie" as she works alongside Sweet Grown Alabama to promote locally grown products. Keep reading to learn about Katrina in her own words! 

1. Who is Katrina Adams? 

I am an award winning food blogger, cookbook author, and party planner!  I love cooking, decorating, and entertaining! What started off as me watching my mother (1 of 16 kids) cook with love and passion as a little girl inspired me to start the brand, Kmarie! My name Katrina Marie comes from two of my aunts on my dad’s side which is the also the inspiration for my blog name Kmarie Kitchen. They both are the primary cooks in the family out of 13 kids! I am continuing a culinary legacy on both sides of the family.

2. How did you begin your cooking journey?

I started helping my mom cook as a little girl and after watching her cook with love and passion it inspired me to cook and help families create memories through meals like we have done in my family! I love helping families bring the tasty to the table!


3. What's your all-time favorite meal?

It’s hard to pick just one… lol. I love soul food- mac & cheese, collard greens, fried chicken, Mexican food, and chicken alfredo with broccoli are my top three favorites!

4. What draws you to locally grown products?

I love fresh vegetables and fruits. You can really tell the difference when you cook with fresh ingredients.


5. Where's your favorite spot in Alabama?

My favorite spot in Alabama is the beach near Point Clear.

6. If you had to pick just ONE of the following to keep, which would you pick and why? Local honey, local peanuts or local tomatoes? 

I would pick local peanuts! I went to a Peanut Harvest Tour in Dothan, AL and totally fell in love with all things peanuts and the history!



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