Five Generations of Farm Fun

Five Generations of Farm Fun

LouAllen Farms


LouAllen Farms is a fifth-generation farm. The original farm was purchased by my grandfather in 1940, my father bought the farm in 1948, and I purchased it in 2003.

We discontinued row crop farming in 1980 and started growing peaches and produce. We now have five acres of strawberries and seven acres of peaches. We also grow apples and about 25 acres of mixed vegetables.

The farm also has eight greenhouses covering 24 thousand square feet. We grow several thousand flowers and vegetable plants.

One crop we brought back to the farm was open-pollinated dent corn. It is used for cream corn and to make cornmeal with our stone wheel grinder.

My favorite crop is watermelons, nothing compares to a field of forty-pound melons.




LouAllen Farms consists of 450-acres of prime farmland providing grassland for over 100 head of brood cows. For customers who desire grass-fed beef, we also do custom meat.

The field crop consists of strawberries, peaches and apples. We also grow a variety of beans, peas, watermelon and melons. Also featured on the farm is a stone milling grinder for making cornmeal. An old horse barn was converted into a farm store where we feature our homegrown products for sale to the public.

Six greenhouses on-site provide 20,000 square feet of greenhouse space for housing hundreds of flower and vegetable plants.

Our farm is operational beginning in March throughout October.