Meet Sweet Grown Alabama Member Lifetime Natural Organic Farm

Meet Sweet Grown Alabama Member Lifetime Natural Organic Farm

Tuskegee, Alabama

Lifetime Natural Organic Farm in Tuskegee is a proud member of the state's agricultural branding program, Sweet Grown Alabama. Owned by Nelson Wells, the farm grows a variety of USDA-certified organic herbs and vegetables including basil, tomatoes, watermelon, lettuce and peppers.

“When you support local farmers, you know where your food comes from. It’s fresh,” said Farm Director Chuck Trolley.  

Sweet Grown Alabama exists to connect Alabama farmers and families. The non-profit foundation helps farmers promote their products through a convenient online searchable database. Consumers can locate Sweet Grown Alabama farmers in their area by searching the database via zip code or by product.

“Nelson is an innovator in his field and truly has a desire to grow high-quality products for consumers,” said Ellie Watson, Sweet Grown Alabama director. “We are thrilled to have Lifetime Natural Organic Farms in the Sweet Grown Alabama family, and love seeing the Sweet Grown Alabama logo on their products.


Lifetime Natural Organic Farm is the largest USDA-certified organic farm in Alabama, and Wells aspires to grow his farm to the largest USDA-certified organic farm in the southeast.

The farm currently sells product to grocery chains including Whole Foods, Publix, and Costco. Lifetime Natural Organic Farm also sells lettuce and other produce to the Elmore County School System through the Alabama Department of Agriculture’s Farm to School program.

“Elmore County Schools purchasing lettuce from Lifetime Natural Organic Farm was the start to a great relationship where both the farmer and the students benefited,” said Beth Spratt, Alabama Farm to School Coordinator. “Students were excited to learn the delicious lettuce they were eating was from a farm as close as the county next to them.”

Wells grew up in Southern California and was inspired to farm in the Macon County area because of the revolutionary impacts of minority agricultural leaders including George Washington Carver and Booker T. Washington. Wells contributes much of his success to this legacy and continued research by Tuskegee University.

Not only does Wells desire to grow produce, but he also wants to make a lasting impact on the community.

“We have done everything in our power to partner with the Tuskegee area, and God has blessed us,” said Wells.

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