There's Always Room for One More

There's Always Room for One More

till Brings Local to Birmingham's Doorstep

As supporters of our local Alabama purveyors and farmers we have a saying that is very important to us at till. Actually, two sayings...

Saying #1: “Our dining room table is the most important piece of furniture we own.”

Food is one of the only elements in life that can bring people of all backgrounds together. It’s something we each need to survive and also something we desire to enjoy. For centuries, as people, we have come together around a table to eat in celebration, or eat in mourning. In fact, most memorable times in our lives usually involve eating with friends and family. 

As newlyweds, my husband Will and I are realizing that we don’t agree on everything but, we do agree that our favorite times in life have been around our dining room table. When we’re in community with the growers of what we’re eating, each bite seems so much more intentional. Which is a large part of why we founded till!

Another benefit of our dining room table? The moments of “a-ha!” after the first bite of a new recipe (and even the “wow we really screwed this one up" one’s, too). 

Saying #2. “There’s always room for one more…”

And it’s true. There's always another seat at the table and we love welcoming new friends into our till community each week.

Will and I created till to provide Birmingham with easier access to locally sourced foods. In fact, many people say till is the most convenient way to support locally grown food from local farmers...

As a member of our till community:

  1. You'll receive access to perfected recipes and an updated fresh-list of locally grown foods to shop online

  2. You can shop the farmers market online - you have the freedom to choose items from a dozen organic, Alabama farms

  3. Create a custom order (as much or little as you want!) of organic produce, pastured protein or artisan pantry items

  4. Have these ingredients delivered to your door- no alarms, no summer heat, no strollers, more time with your family

And, here's a picture of our "order of the week" from a few months ago (remember- this was all grown organically from sustainable farmers throughout Alabama):



Ordering as a member is easy. Simply shop fresh updates on from Sunday - Wednesday. Your order is then harvested and delivered to your door Saturday in an insulated till bag as seen below. 


To join the till community you can create a free account here to be updated on weekly freshlists from nearly two-dozen Alabama farmers.

If you'd have us, we would love to welcome you in with open arms, because there's always room for one more at our table.

Hayley deShazo

Foodie & Founder, till