Meet Sweet Grown Alabama Member Lazy G Farm

Meet Sweet Grown Alabama Member Lazy G Farm

Talledega County

Lazy G Farm is a proud member of the state's new agricultural branding program, Sweet Grown Alabama. Operated by Ryan Gaither since 2018, Lazy G Farm raises pasture-raised pigs.

“Sweet Grown Alabama allows consumers to know they are getting the best products available that are produced in Alabama,” Gaither says. “Sweet Grown Alabama gives consumers the ability to distinguish high-quality Alabama raised products, and it keeps Alabama farmers honest in what they are producing and marketing.”

Sweet Grown Alabama exists to connect Alabama farmers and families. The non-profit foundation helps farmers promote their products through a convenient online searchable database. Consumers can locate Sweet Grown Alabama farmers in their area by searching the database via zip code or by product.   

“Sweet Grown Alabama was started to help farmers just like Ryan at Lazy G Farm,” said Ellie Watson, Sweet Grown Alabama director. “Consumers can purchase pork from Lazy G Farm with confidence, knowing they are getting a high-quality product from a farmer who cares for his animals.”

Gaither has been involved in different agricultural operations over the years including a high-fence game preserve, large row crop operations, a cattle operation, and commercial poultry houses. In 2012, he purchased his own farm in Sylacauga and in 2018 decided to purchase top quality breeding stock. Although the farm was not originally set up for pasture pig operations, Ryan and his wife, Emily, adapted and Lazy G Farm is continuing to grow.

“We are seeing more people wanting to buy and support local farms,” Gaither said. “People are being more conscious about what they buy and who they buy it from.”

According to Lazy G Farm’s website, pasture-raised pigs are a source of heart-healthy monosaturated fat and micronutrients like vitamins D and E.

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