Meet Sweet Grown Alabama Member Gleann Brook Acres

Meet Sweet Grown Alabama Member Gleann Brook Acres

Cullman County

Gleann Brook Acres in Bremen is a proud member of the state's new agricultural branding program, Sweet Grown Alabama. Operated by husband and wife duo Stephane Goyer and Tracey Kerbler for 14 years, Gleann Brook Acres raises Scottish Highland cattle, a unique breed not often found in Alabama.

“Through Sweet Grown Alabama, we are able to promote our product and get locals to learn more about the Scottish Highland cattle, which is great for our business,” says Kerbler.

Sweet Grown Alabama exists to connect Alabama farmers and families. The non-profit foundation helps farmers promote their products through a convenient online searchable database. Consumers can locate Sweet Grown Alabama farmers in their area by searching the database via zip code or by product.   

“Tracey and Stephane are passionate about raising this unique breed of cattle and producing wonderful beef products for consumers,” said Sweet Grown Alabama Director Ellie Watson. “Consumers can confidently buy cattle or beef from Gleann Brook Acres, and know the animals are raised with the highest standards of humane care. We are proud to have Gleann Brook Acres in our Sweet Grown Alabama family.”

Gleann Brook Acres expanded in 2014 when the couple decided to move to the farm to Bremen from Ontario, Canada. Gleann Brook Acres sells calves to other farmers and sells high-quality beef products to local consumers.

Tracey and Stephane say they love raising this unique breed of cattle in the south and are passionate about their animals. Gleann Brook Acres faced challenges adjusting to farming these wooly breed cattle in the southern heat but say the hairy animals have adjusted - just as they have done themselves.

“We had to get used to it ourselves because we’re Canadian,” Kerbler joked. “We acclimated too.”

The couple continues to grow their business and learn the consumers, selling beef at farmers markets in and around Birmingham and on their farm in Bremen. To learn more about Gleann Brook Acres, visit

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