Alabama Farmers Cooperative, Inc. Joins Sweet Grown Alabama as Founding Member

Alabama Farmers Cooperative, Inc. Joins Sweet Grown Alabama as Founding Member

MONTGOMERY, Ala.— Alabama Farmers Cooperative, Inc. has joined Sweet Grown Alabama, the state’s new agricultural branding program, as a Founding Member- the highest level of financial commitment.

“AFC’s support of Sweet Grown Alabama is part of our commitment to better serving farmers in our state. We’re excited that this initiative will put a spotlight on Alabama agriculture,” said Rivers Myres, President and CEO, Alabama Farmers Cooperative.

As a non-profit foundation, Sweet Grown Alabama relies on industry support to successfully market Alabama agricultural products. Funds will be utilized to encourage purchasing of locally-grown products through traditional and digital marketing. Member farmers, restaurants and stores will be listed in an online searchable database coming spring 2020.

“The Co-Op has an excellent track record of serving not only Alabama’s agriculture community, but also serving the State of Alabama as a whole,” said Rick Pate, Commissioner of the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries and Sweet Grown Alabama Board President. “We are grateful they have seen value in the Sweet Grown Alabama program and know it will benefit not only our farmers, but also benefit all of Alabama.” 

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About Sweet Grown Alabama:

Sweet Grown Alabama is a non-profit foundation that enhances marketing opportunities for Alabama farmers by connecting retailers and consumers to Alabama-grown foods and other agricultural products. Farmers, product makers, restaurants, retailers and others are encouraged to join the branding program and use the Sweet Grown Alabama logo on their locally-grown products. To learn more visit

About Alabama Farmers Cooperative:

Founded in 1936, AFC is a cooperative in the truest sense of the word. All facilities operated by AFC are governed by local, farmer-owned cooperatives. Each member Co-op shares in the financial proceeds form AFC operations and benefits from the research and marketing services of the entire Co-op system. AFC has a competent Board of Directors that consists of farmers who actively participate in the agricultural growth of Alabama and Northwest Florida. An unselfish dedication to the mutual objectives of growth and success for its member farmers is the hallmark of this company. Through diversity and strong leadership, Alabama Farmers Cooperative, Inc has grown to become one of the largest farmer owned agriculture related businesses in the Southeast. To learn more about visit