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Rocket City Mushrooms LLC

Ardmore, Alabama

Providing restaurants, farmers markets, and the general public with fresh locally grown, gourmet mushrooms. We also provide mentorship, help, and supplies to get you started growing your own from home . One of our customers all time favorite is the Blue Oyster mushroom. We find more recipes daily that definately make the palate happy. Several people just enjoy the taste of mushrooms, where other people have tried to change their eating lifestyle by cutting some meat out of their diet. Some of our mushrooms will take on the taste of pork or chicken, where others will do the same with seafood (major plus if you or a loved one has a shellfish allergy but love the taste.) The possibilities are endless with these beautiful fungi!! 

We've also added free range eggs to our list of products. These hens are our babies and are taken amazing care of. They rule the roost when it comes to our home (pun intended). The hens are spoiled rotten by our kids and by their "people mom". They come running when they see us because they know we have treats for them. 

Please feel free to visit our Facebook page and our website. 

Rocket City Mushrooms is Veteran owned and operated, licensed and insured. 

Our Products

  • Container Plants/Greenhouse & Nursery Products/Shrubs/Etc.
  • Eggs
  • Mushrooms

3850 Ready Section Rd

Ardmore, AL


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